Successful participation of the 3D-PSI group on the 2017 conference of the Division of Plasma Physics of APS in Milwaukee.

It was almost a home game for us in Milwaukee last week. Seven posters and one contributed oral talk were presented by the members of the 3D-PSI group on this most important national meeting in our field. We showed exciting results from the research at Wendelstein 7-X, a contributed oral talk was delivered on first time results of Helium Exhaust with RMP fields and the breadth of recent results from EMC3-EIRENE modeling of plasma edge transport and neutral; particle physics was shown. Also, a new collisional radiative model for reconstruction of electron density and temperature in Ar plasmas in our helicon device MARIA was presented. Please find authors, titles and the according presentations below.

E. Hinson et al., “Enhancement of Helium Exhaust During RMP ELM suppression at DIII-D“, Contributed Oral Presentation

F. Effenberg et al., “Radiative Edge Cooling in Wendelstein 7-X Island Divertor Scenarios“, Poster presentation

K. Flesch et al., “Effects of 3-D magnetic perturbations on neutral fueling and exhaust in MAST”, Poster presentation

H. Frerichs et al., “Numerical exploration of non-axisymmetric divertor closure in the small angle slot divertor at DIII-D“, Poster presentation

J. Green et al., “Progress towards Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Plasma Parameters and Neutral Dynamics in Helicon Plasmas“, Poster presentation

T. Kremeyer et al., “Preparation of fractional Helium and Hydrogen Pressure Measurements in the baffle of the island divertor at Wendelstein 7-X“, Poster presentation

R. Norval et al., “Neutral particle recycling in MST”, Poster presentation

I Waters et al., “Numerical Modeling of RMP Impacts on Exhaust and Fueling in NSTX-U and MAST“, Poster presentation.

— News: 10-23-2017