Collaborative Research(RUI)

Title: “Collaborative Research (RUI): Understanding sheath formation in electronegative and electropositive multiple ion species plasma, in both unmagnetized and magnetized cases”

Debate, exchange of ideas, and working together—all are basic activities that advance humanities knowledge and foster rich scholarship that could not be accomplished by a single researcher working alone. The Collaborative Research program aims to advance humanistic knowledge by supporting sustained collaboration between two or more scholars. Collaborators may be drawn from one or more institutions. International collaboration is encouraged, but the project director must be based at a U.S. institution, and project teams must include an equitable balance of scholars based at U.S. institutions and scholars based at non-U.S. institutions. The program encourages projects that propose diverse approaches to topics, incorporate multiple points of view, and explore new avenues of inquiry in the humanities.

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Funding Information: funded by the Department of Energy, Office of Fusion Energy Science, DE-SC0022030