10-year Anniversary of the 3D-PSI Group

On March, 1st the 3D-PSI group at UW Madison celebrates its 10th anniversary. Much has happened since its inception when Prof. O. Schmitz and Senior Scientist Dr. H. Frerichs moved from the Juelich Research Center Germany to UW Madison to setup this group. Today, we celebrated this anniversary with the second generation of graduate students in this field and the post-docs and scientists supported by instrumentation engineering professionals and administrative expertise that form a comprehensive backbone for a positive student experience. The group conducts research at the leading magnetic confinement devices around the world,  is a member of the AWAKE particle accelerator pathfinder effort at CERN and involved into several startup and commercial activities around fusion energy and plasma science. The anniversary was celebrated by self-baked pastries (thank you Xavier Marcos Navarro-Gonzalez!)  and a commemorative gathering at the weekly group meeting.