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Selected recent Publications


Preference of right-handed whistler modes and helicon discharge directionality due to plasma density gradients

M. Granetzny, O. Schmitz, M. Zepp

DOI/10.1063/5.017391 Published December 08 2023


Analysis of the neutral fluxes in the divertor region of Wendelstein 7-X under attached and detached conditions using EMC3-EIRENE

Dieter Boeyaert4,1, Yuhe Feng2, Heinke Frerichs1, Thierry Kremeyer2, Dirk Naujoks2, Felix Reimold2, Oliver Schmitz1, Victoria Winters2, Sergey Bozhenkov2, Joris Fellinger2, Marcin Jakubowski2, Ralf König2, Maciej Krychowiak2, Valeria Perseo2, Georg Schlisio2, Uwe Wenzel2 and the W7-X Team3

DOI 10.1088/1361-6587/ad0e22 Published November 27th 2023


Exploration of Non-Resonant Divertor Features on the Compact Toroidal Hybrid

K. A. Garcia (1), A. Bader (1 and 3), H. Frerichs (1), G. J. Hartwell (2), J. C. Schmitt (2 and 3), N. Allen (2), O. Schmitz (1) ((1) University of Wisconsin – Madison, (2) Auburn University, (3) Type One Energy)

DOI 10.1088/1741-4326/ad0160 Published October 25th 2023


Initial study on thermal stability of cold spray tantalum coating irradiated with deuterium for fusion applications

Mykola Ialovega1, Tyler Dabney1, Marcos Navarro Gonzalez1, Hwasung Yeom1,2, Danah Velez1, Evan Willing1, Jay K Anderson3, Thierry Angot4, Régis Bisson4, Cary Forest3, Arkadi Kreter5, Oliver Schmitz1 and Kumar Sridharan

10.1088/1402-4896/ad0098 Published: October 17th 2023


Multiphysics Modeling of Impurity Transport for FNSF Startup Scenario with ERO2.0

Marcos X. Navarro, Tom Rognlien, Marvin Rensink, Juri Romazanov, Andreas Kirschner & Oliver Schmitz

Fusion Science and Technology, Published: January 26th 2023


Numerical error analysis of SOLPS-ITER simulations of EAST

Dieter Boeyaert, Stefano Carli, Kristel Ghoos, Wouter Dekeyser, Sven Wiesen, Martine Baelmans.

Nuclear Fusion, DOI 10.1088/1741-4326/aca0ab


Direct measurement of the ionization source rate and closure of the particle balance in a helicon plasma using laser induced fluorescence

Jonathan Green, Oliver Schmitz, and Michael Zepp.

Physics of Plasma, 27(4):043511, 2020

Funded by the National Science Foundation under NSF CAREER Award No. PHY-1455210.


Enhanced helium exhaust during edge-localized mode suppression by resonant magnetic perturbations at DIII-D

E.T. Hinson, O. Schmitz, T. Abrams, A. Briesemeister, I. Bykov, C. Chrystal, C. Collins, T.E. Evans, H. Frerichs, B.A. Grierson, R.A. Moyer, C. Paz-Soldan, D. Thomas, E.A. Unterberg, and M. Wade.

Nuclear Fusion, 60(5):054004, 2020

Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Early Career Award DE-SC0013911.


Wisconsin In Situ Penning (WISP) gauge: A versatile neutral pressure gauge to measure partial pressures in strong magnetic fields

T. Kremeyer, K. Flesch, O. Schmitz, G. Schlisio, U. Wenzel, and W7-X Team.

Review of Scientific Instruments, 91(4):43504, 2020

Funded by the Department of Energy under Grant No. DE-SC0014210.


Construction of a linear plasma device for studying helicon plasmas relevant to plasma-wakefield accelerators

Jonathan Green and Oliver Schmitz.

Plasma Sources Science and Technology, 29(4):045008, 2020

Funded by the National Science Foundation under NSF CAREER award PHY-1455210.


First demonstration of radiative power exhaust with impurity seeding in the island divertor at Wendelstein 7-X

F. Effenberg, S. Brezinsek, Y. Feng, R. König, M. Krychowiak, M. Jakubowski, H. Niemann, V. Perseo, O. Schmitz, D. Zhang, T. Barbui, C. Biedermann, R. Burhenn, B. Buttenschön, G. Kocsis, A. Pavone, F. Reimold, T. Szepesi, H. Frerichs, Y. Gao, U. Hergenhahn, S. Kwak, M. Otte, T. Sunn Pedersen, and W7-X Team.

Nuclear Fusion, 59(10):106020, 2019

Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) under Grant DE-SC0014210.


Numerical exploration of non-axisymmetric divertor closure in the small angle slot (SAS) divertor at DIII-D

H. Frerichs, O. Schmitz, B. Covele, Y. Feng, H.Y. Guo, and D. Hill.

Nuclear Fusion, 58(5):054001, 2018

Funded by the VILAS foundation at UW Madison as part of the Vilas Mid-Career Award of Prof. O. Schmitz and by the DoE Early Career Award.


Field aligned flows driven by neutral puffing at MAST

I. Waters, H. Frerichs, S. Silburn, Y. Feng, J. Harrison, A. Kirk, and O. Schmitz.

NuclearFusion, 58(6):066002, 2018

Funded by the Department of Energy under grant DE-SC0012315.


Impact of magnetic islands in the plasma edge on particle fueling and exhaust in the HSX and W7-X stellarators

L. Stephey, A. Bader, F. Effenberg, O. Schmitz, G. A. Wurden, D. T. Anderson, F. S. B. Anderson, C. Biedermann, A. Dinklage, Y. Feng, H. Frerichs, G. Fuchert, J. Geiger, J. H. Harris, R. Koenig, P. Kornejew, M. Krychowiak, J. D. Lore, E. A. Unterberg, and I. Waters.

Physics of Plasmas, 25(6):062501, 2018

Funded by the Department of Energy under grant DE-SC0014210.