Faculty and Staff

Thomas and Suzanne Werner Professor Dr. Oliver Schmitz

Faculty profile (link)
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– Habilitation, Heinriche Heine University Duesseldorf, Germany- 2013

– PhD in Physics, Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf, Germany – 2006

Research Interests

Plasma edge physics, plasma surface interaction, 3D plasma boundaries, 3D plasma edge modeling, atomic physics for edge diagnostics,  plasma edge diagnostics, helicon plasma generation for wake field accelerator applications and for space propulsion


Publication list

See Google Scholar Page, ORCID

Recent classes taught 

Spring 2020: NE525 “Basics of Plasma Physics”

Fall 2018: NE305 “Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering”

Fall 2018: NE4275 “Radiation detection and measurement”

Summer 2018: “Plasma Physics for High Schools” – an interactive outreach program with high school teachers and student(outreach project funded by the NSF CAREER grant)

Spring 2018: NE526 “Laboratory on Plasma Physics” (teaching as research project in NSF CAREER grant)

Fall 2017: NE305 “Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering”

Spring 2017: NE526 “Laboratory on Plasma Physics” (teaching as research project in NSF CAREER grant)

Spring 2017: NE922 “Seminar for Plasma Physics”

Fall 2016: NE305 “Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering”


Dr. Heinke Frerichs – Numerical ScientistDr TF

Associate Scientist


– PhD in Physics, Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH-Aachen University), Germany – 2010

Research Interests

Numerical plasma edge physics,  divertor physics in non-axisymmetric configurations, high-performance computing, numerical methods and algorithms.

Project: Our contribution within this project aims at modeling of the divertor heat loads, and ultimately finding an optimal phasing of the 3D (ELM control) coils for minimal heat load peaking that is still consistent with ELM suppression. Work funded by Department of Energy, Office of Fusion Energy Science, DE-SC0020357.


Dr. Edward Hinson – Experimental plasma science and 3-D edge modeling

  • RO of WISP gauge systems at DIII-D and ASDEX-Upgrade

Associate Scientist


  • 2015 – PhD Plasma Physics,  Department of Engineering Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • 2009 – M.S. Department of Engineering Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • 2006 – B.A. Physics, Mathematics Double Major, Middlebury College

Project: Plasma material interaction with 3-D plasma boundaries – experimental assessment and development of novel 3-D modeling approaches. Work funded under DoE Early Career Award grant DE-SC00013911.