Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Oliver Schmitz

Position title: Thomas and Suzanne Werner Professor

Email: oschmitz@wisc.edu

Research Interests: Plasma edge physics, plasma surface interaction, 3D plasma boundaries, 3D plasma edge modeling, atomic physics for edge diagnostics,  plasma edge diagnostics, helicon plasma generation for wake field accelerator applications and for space propulsion

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Aaron Bader

Position title: Assoc. Scientist

Email: abader@engr.wisc.edu

Project:Impact of magnetic islands in the plasma edge on particle fueling and exhaust in the HSX and W7-X stellarators, Modeling of helium transport and exhaust in the LHD edge, Three-dimensional scrape off layer transport in the helically symmetric experiment HSX

Heinke Frerichs

Position title: Assoc. Scientist

Email: hfrerichs@wisc.edu

Project: Modeling of divertor heat loads, ultimately finding an optimal phasing of the 3D (ELM control) coils for minimal heat load peaking that is still consistent with ELM suppression. Work funded by DoE grants DE-SC0020357 and DE-SC0020284, and Research Forward.

M. Xavier Navarro-González

Position title: Asst.Scientist

Email: navarrogonza@wisc.edu

Project: Modeling of wall erosion in DIII-D and FNSF, and implementation and improvement of the homogeneous mixing model in the ERO2.0 code, funded under DoE grant DE-SC0020284.