Thesis documents

This is a list of thesis documents, that are the result of PhD and Master thesis work completed in the 3D-PSI group.

  • Thierry Kremeyer (PhD), “Particle fueling and exhaust with the Island Divertor at Wendelstein 7-X”, 2019
  • Ryan R. Norval (PhD), “Plasma Neutral Interactions as an Energy Sink in the Madison Symmetric Torus”, 2019
  • Victoria Robin Winters (PhD), “Carbon sourcing and transport in the Island Diverter of Wendelstein 7-X”, 2019
  • Florian Effenberg (PhD), “3D plasma edge transport and power exhaust in limiter an island divertor plasmas at Wendelstein 7-X”, 2018
  • Ian Waters (PhD), “Particle exhaust and fueling in spherical tokamak plasmas with resonant magnetic perturbation fields”, 2017
  • Laurie Stephey (PhD), “The effects of the edge magnetic structure on particle fueling and exhaust in the HSX and W7-X stellarators”, 2016
  • Adrian Robert Akerson (PhD), “Identification of the helical scrape-off layer structure and transport properties in the edge of HSX”, 2016