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This is the group webpage for plasma edge physics and plasmas surface interactions in presence of three-dimensional (3D) plasma boundaries. This is a situation relevant to tokamak devices with resonant magnetic field perturbations applied and stellarators as inherently 3D systems.

We tackle the cutting edge topics in the field on large-scale facilities and address important basic plasma science questions such as generation of high-density plasmas with helicon waves. The later topic has become relevant recently for next-generation wakefield accelerators and we are a member of the AWAKE project at CERN.

We post the most recent developments in the group on this site – including recent scientific achievements, lab updates and publication updates.


Professor Schmitz

Meet Professor Oliver Schmitz

Professor Schmitz is the Chair of the College of Engineering Safety committee and a Professor in the Department of Engineering Physics, member of Department Council at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW). Dr. Schmitz has been devoted to the research of Plasma edge physics, with a particular focus on 3-D plasma edge transport and plasma-wall interaction. His particular interest is in the field of active spectroscopic methods to measure plasma parameters with non-invasive methods. As an associate member of the AWAKE project at CERN, he and his group is working on the development of reliable, and remotely operable plasma diagnostics based on spectroscopy to diagnose the high level of axial density homogeneity needed in this new accelerator concept. Dr.Schmitz has been active within physics professional societies, where he was selected the Elected member of Executive Committee of University Fusion Association (UFA), the U.S. representative of International Tokamak Physics Activity (ITPA) in 2017, and the Co-chair of National Stellarator Coordinating Committee (NSCC) in  2018. In 2019, he was selected the Secretary Treasurer of American Physics Society in the Division of Plasma Physics.

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Direct measurement of the ionization source rate and closure of the particle balance in a helicon plasma using laser induced fluorescence

Jonathan Green, Oliver Schmitz, and Michael Zepp.

Enhanced helium exhaust during edge-localized mode suppression by resonant magnetic perturbations at DIII-D

E.T. Hinson, O. Schmitz, T. Abrams, A. Briesemeister, I. Bykov, C. Chrystal, C. Collins, T.E. Evans, H. Frerichs, B.A. Grierson, R.A. Moyer, C. Paz-Soldan, D. Thomas, E.A. Unterberg, and M. Wade.

Wisconsin In Situ Penning (WISP) gauge: A versatile neutral pressure gauge to measure partial pressures in strong magnetic fields

T. Kremeyer, K. Flesch, O. Schmitz, G. Schlisio, U. Wenzel, and W7-X Team.

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