— News: 2019-08-06

2019 venue of the Plasma Academy, an NSF funded plasma outreach program for high school teachers and students, was conducted.

Three teachers and seven students participated in the 2019 venue of the Plasma Academy, an outreach event targeted at high-school teachers and students. Participants are introduced to the basics of plasma physics in the form of four modules, which are compatible and easily usable in the typical high-school curriculum, including Advanced Placement plans. The event occurs every summer and volume 3 is planned for summer 2020.

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This is the group webpage for plasma edge physics and plasmas surface interactions in presence of three-dimensional (3D) plasma boundaries.Plasma edge layer at ITER transformed into a 3D system by application of small amplitude, external magnetic control fields.

This is a situation relevant to tokamak devices with resonant magnetic field perturbations applied and stellarators as inherently 3D systems.

We tackle the cutting edge topics in the field on large-scale facilities and address important basic plasma science questions such as generation of high-density plasmas with helicon waves. The later topic has become relevant recently for next-generation wakefield accelerators and we are a member of the AWAKE project at CERN.

We post the most recent developments in the group on this side – including recent scientific achievements, lab updates and publication updates.

An overview of group members and actual topics and devices can be found here.

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Contact: Professor Oliver Schmitz

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