Paper by Heinke Frerichs on 3-D edge modeling for Advanced Divertors at NSTX-Upgrade selected as Editor’s Pick in Physics of Plasmas.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-09-06 um 09.45.21The paper recently published in Physics of Plasmas by Dr. H. Frerichs discussing a survey of results on the effect of RMP fields on advanced divertor configurations at NSTX-Upgrade was selected as Editor’s Pick. Congratulations, Heinke!

In this paper, the EMC3-EIRENE code was used to explore basic divertor characteristics for the major advanced divertor configurations achievable at NSTX-U. The results highlighted the general geometrical benefits of the various divertor configurations. Moreover, the impact of RMP fields on the divertor conditions and the target fluxes was analyzed. This work was funded by the Department of Energy under grant DE-SC00012315.

— News: 09-09-2016