Paper on 3-D edge modeling for ELM control at ITER published in IoP Journal Nuclear Fusion.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-11 um 17.10.15

A paper was published presenting a thorough assessment of the impact resonant magnetic perturbation fields have on plasma edge transport and the divertor fluxes. This assessment utilizing the EMC3-EIRENE code is a result of a multi-year study within an international team and is presently being used as a baseline study in discussions of the advising bodies at ITER. Comparisons to experimental results from various RMP tokamaks is ongoing within the recently founded ITPA Divertor and Scrape-off layer activity on “Effect of 3-D fields on divertor conditions and plasma wall interaction as compatibility issue of RMP ELM control” (ITPA DSOL task 37). The paper appeared today in Nuclear Fusion.

This work was funded in part by the DoE Early Career Award and by Startup funds of the Department of Engineering Physics at the university of Wisconsin – Madison.

— News: 05-11-2016