University of Wisconsin–Madison

Group Members


This is an overview on our group. Please see the menu above or klick on the images for detailed information on group members and their research activities.

  •  Faculty 

1797_Schmitz Oliver 1

Associate Professor Oliver Schmitz (Google Scholar Profile)

  •  Staff 

Dr. Heinke Frerichs – Numerical Scientist

Dr. Edward Hinson – Experimental plasma science and 3-D edge modeling, RO of WISP gauge systems at DIII-D and ASDEX-Upgrade

Dr. Tullio Barbui – Experimental plasma science and atomic modeling, RO of thermal HeBeam at W7-X

  •  Post doctoral researchers

Dr. Florian Effenberg – Radiative edge cooling in the island diverttor at W7-X

  •  Students


MSc I. Waters – Research Assistant

MSc V. Winters – Research Assistant

MSc K. Flesh – Research Assistant

MSc J. Green – Research Assistant

MSc R. Norval – Research Assistant

MSc T. Kremeyer – Research Assistant

BSc E. Flom – Research Assistant