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The pattern of parallel edge plasma flows due to pressure gradients, recycling, and resonant magnetic perturbations in DIII-D

Frerichs, H. and Schmitz, O. and Evans, T. and Feng, Y. and Reiter, D.

Physics of Plasmas 22, 072508 (2015)

Funded by Startup funds of the Department for Engineering Physics and the DoE Early Career Award


Formation of a three-dimensional plasma boundary after decay of the plasma response to resonant magnetic perturbation fields
O. Schmitz, T.E. Evans, M.E. Fenstermacher, M.J. Lanctot, C.L. Lasnier, S. Mordijck, R.A. Moyer, and H. Reimerdes
Nucl. Fusion 54, 012001 (2014)

Featured article and among 2014 Highlights in Nuclear Fusion


Progress on the application of ELM control schemes to ITER scenarios from the non-active phase to DT operation

A. Loarte, G. Huijsmans, S. Futatani, L.R. Baylor, T.E. Evans, D. M. Orlov, O. Schmitz, M. Becoulet, P. Cahyna, Y. Gribov, A. Kavin, A. Sashala Naik, D.J. Campbell, T. Casper, E. Daly, H. Frerichs, A. Kischner, R. Laengner, S. Lisgo, R.A. Pitts, G. Saibene and A. Wingen
Nucl. Fusion 54, 033007 (2014)


Striation pattern of target particle and heat fluxes in three dimensional simulations for DIII-D 
H. Frerichs, O. Schmitz, D. Reiter, T.E.Evans and Y. Feng
Physics of Plasmas 21, 020702 (2014)


Heat flux modeling using ion drift effects in DIII-D H-mode plasmas with resonant magnetic perturbations
A. Wingen, O. Schmitz, T. E. Evans, and K. H. Spatschek
Phys. Plasmas 21, 012509 (2014)


Impact of screening of resonant magnetic perturbations in three dimensional edge plasma transport simulations for DIII-D
H. Frerichs, D. Reiter, O. Schmitz, P. Cahyna, T. E. Evans, Y. Feng, and E. Nardon
Phys. Plasmas 19, 052507 (2012)


Resonant features of energy and particle transport during application of resonant magnetic perturbation fields at TEXTOR and DIII-D
O. Schmitz, T.E. Evans, M.E. Fenstermacher, M. Lehnen, H. Stoschus, E.A. Unterberg, J.W. Coenen, H. Frerichs, M.W. Jakubowski, R. Laengner, C.L. Lasnier, S. Mordijck, R.A. Moyer, T.H. Osborne, H. Reimerdes, D. Reiter, U. Samm, and B. Unterberg
Nucl. Fusion 52, 043005 (2012)


Summary of the Fifth Workshop on Stochasticity in Fusion Plasmas
O. Schmitz
Nucl. Fusion 52, 054001 (2012)