Open Positions

Graduate student projects:

  • EMC3-EIRENE modeling of neutral and helium exhaust in the island divertor of Wendelstein 7-Xnumerical project requiring significant background in large scale computing with parallelized Monte-Carlo models or a strong interest to engage into this direction (full funding)
  • Helium line-ratio spectroscopy for plasma edge characterization at MAST-Upgradeexperimental project requiring background in visible spectroscopy and atomic physics for spectroscopy interpretation, or a strong interest in engaging into this direction (full funding)

Undergraduate student projects:

  • Design and construction of a magnetic field probe to measure the wave vector of a helicon wave in linear plasma device MARIAexperimental project, could be a senior design or senior thesis project, skills/interest in hardware design, electric circuit design and data analysis required
  • Line ratio analysis of plasma parameters in a Penning plasma dischargeexperimental/analysis project, requires interest/skills in Matlab, spectroscopy and atomic physics
  • Support of construction and assembly of a vacuum vessel for a new high density plasma experiment - experimental project for beginner level undergraduate student

Furthermore, we are always looking for engaged students and offer various exciting opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Please contact Prof. O. Schmitz directly.