Open Positions

Graduate student projects:

  • Divertor heat and particle loading and neutral particle exhaust in the island divertor at Wendelstein 7X – coupled numerical and experimental project. This is a fully funded PhD position for work at the W7-X stellarator in Greifswald, Germany. The student will work with the EMC3-EIRENE 3D plasma edge fluid and kinetic neutral transport code to study heat and particle fluxes to the island divertor and compare to experimentally measured heat and particle flux profiles. This will be the basis to understand the divertor particle flux and to then model the neutral particle distribution. These modeling results will be compared to the Wisconsin In-Situ Penning (WISP) gauges, which were impelemnted by the 3DPSI group. The first approximately two years of the project will be conducted at UW Madison while the student fullfills the credit requirements. The PhD research will be conducted at W7-X with a petrmanent assignment to IPP Griefswald for ~3 years. Please contact contact Prof. O. Schmitz directly for questions and for applications.

Undergraduate student projects:

  • Design and construction of a magnetic field probe to measure the wave vector of a helicon wave in linear plasma device MARIAexperimental project, could be a senior design or senior thesis project, skills/interest in hardware design, electric circuit design and data analysis required
  • Line ratio analysis of plasma parameters in a Penning plasma dischargeexperimental/analysis project, requires interest/skills in Matlab, spectroscopy and atomic physics

Furthermore, we are always looking for engaged students and offer various exciting opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Please contact Prof. O. Schmitz directly.